Illustrations by Cerisia Ta'Torin 
A narative begins with a single word. 
An image begins with imagination.
  1. Mouth
    Published By Atlantic Press
  2. Journal play
    Journal play
  3. Journal play
    Journal play
My name is Cerisia Ta'Torin.
My illustrations capture colour's voices through imagery that layers paint, mark making and words within a single surface. Using a veriety of materials, I intuitively capture the world as I see it from within.
My poetry evokes, and inclines towards the melancholy. Moving visual imagery within the same space as the poems begins to play with, and transform the words' resonances.

​I produce books of illustrated poetry that aim to provake and inspire others to connect with a deeper sense of their own self, to discover beauty in unlikely places, and to listen more closely to the world around them.
As a freelance illustrator I work across many different projects, and my style can be adapted to fit. If you’re looking for a children’s book illustration, logo design, or even illustrations to brighten up a training manual please get in touch. Commissions for poetry for events are also welcome.